Welcome to 2009, America! This is indeed a year of change, and it feels very much like the future. Some of you may be fearful of what this year will bring, others may be hopeful. I myself am cautiously optimistic, as always. I know that the hardships suffered by Americans, be they economic, political or personal, will make us all stronger and wiser. On January 20th we will have a new president, who many of us did not vote for and spoke out against passionately, but who we all will support and wish wisdom and strength for the sake of our nation. I have never been big on New Year’s resolutions, but I recognize their value perhaps now more than ever. In that spirit, we at The Children Of The Revolution offer the below resolutions for America as a whole, both citizens and government, pledging that we will keep to them if you do.


In order to demand more accountability from your government, you must first ensure accountability in your own life. To that end, we shall first resolve to be more fiscally responsible. There can be no more excuses made for overextending ourselves in light of recent developments. We must adopt the simple notion that if we do not have the cash on hand to pay for something, then we shouldn’t buy it. Debt should be accrued only for large purchases of necessity, such as cars and homes. It’s always a good idea to draft up a yearly budget, whether you be an individual or a family, and quarterly and monthly budgets if you are so inclined. We must start saving more, no matter what the government tells us. We should have at least six month’s worth of pay at our current salary in savings as a cushion should we be laid off.

We must be healthier. We must practice prevention rather than reaction and attend regular check-ups with our physicians. We must at the very least eat better and where possible we should attempt to work out. We should at all times attempt to remain at our ideal weight and avoid health gimmicks or trends. Similarly, we must conserve more. We should avoid waste wherever possible, not just for the sake of our environment, but for the sake of efficiency and the responsible preservation of our resources.

We must read more. Anything. Just pick up a book, magazine or newspaper and start reading. May I suggest a book about American history (I have personally resolved to read at least two books on each of the Founding Fathers quoted
here by the end of the year)? We must try to read materials that offer competing viewpoints on a single subject to foster independent thought and judgment. We must try to read material that challenges our existing ideas.

We must mercilessly hold our government to account and remain vigilant at all times. We must regard government as a recovering kleptomaniac that may relapse at any time, and guard ourselves against its growth and appetite. It will seek to pilfer our money and our freedom, and we can allow neither.

Finally, we must resolve to not let our government’s overwhelming disappointments in 2009 ruin our year. We are individuals, and will cut our own paths. We may not get far as the government erects obstacles to our success or tempts us with subsidies for our failures, but we must strive our hardest for every inch of ground we gain. These successes, our successes, no matter how small, will give us real hope and fuel our journey forward.


In the off-chance that an officer, elected or otherwise, of the government has been reading this blog, I’m quite sure you already know what’s coming. And we’re not going to surprise you. You must resolve to constrain your ferocious eating habits in the coming year. Like a glutton or a beast in the wild, you consume all you see and leave little more than steaming piles of excrement where once you stood. In 2009, you will consume less of our resources, and in return, leave us less of your waste.

You politicians, you must resolve not to exploit the tremendous power that is granted to you by the people. You will remember this power is not yours, but has been given to you for a specific purpose. Your purpose is to carry a great burden, a great responsibility for the good of your nation. You will not use this power for personal gain. You will not use this power to lift up some people or lay others low, but to ensure the basic rights of these people to raise themselves up or fall of their own accord. And you will use this great power to protect their freedoms from evils that no man can fight alone, but that a nation can easily repel when directed by a just hand. In 2009, that hand will be yours.
Specifically, you will treat your constituents like adults and curtail your pandering, fear-mongering rhetoric. You will foster discussion and openness and welcome all voices at the table. If elected, you will leave office after two terms. You will at all times ensure that you reduce government spending before the thought of raising taxes enters your mind. You will read every word of the Constitution. You will jealously guard our rights and general liberty with the knowledge that, if you do not, the people will return you to private citizenship to toil under the fruits of your former oppression alongside us all.

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