Many of you may recall a letter that I wrote and posted on this blog, which stated plainly that I would support no major party candidate until they had satisfied certain requirements, primarily in the area of fiscal responsibility, government reform and taxation. You can read the original letter here. Yesterday I was pleased to receive a response from Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH), one of the recipients. It appears below.

While I was disappointed at the absence of the signed, glossy photo I had eagerly anticipated, I was pleased to have elicited some - any - response to the letter that I mailed out over a month ago. Nevertheless, I have to point out the glaring inconsistencies in Senator Brown's response in light of his voting record, which you can review here. While Senator Brown (or his intern) touts fiscal responsibility as a matter of great import, I see he has been a strong proponent of the progressive tax policy, massive increases on entitlement programs, and was a vocal proponent of the TARP. So while I appreciate his response to my letter, I am sad to say he has failed to meet the conditions enumerated therein and will not receive my support.

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Maccrock said...

That fact these type of play-kateing letters are not just expect, but yea, the standard response, if any effort toward a response is made, from the majority of our political leadership, is completely revolting to me.