This is all well and good, electric cars are great, but I have to ask who they’re showing these off for, especially after the Big Three bailout. Is this for Congress’ benefit or ours? And do they really think they can sell them? That $109K electric car from Tesla they mentioned ain’t exactly gonna fly off the shelves. I find their optimistic claims of electric cars going mainstream in two to three years a bit unrealistic, but what do I know? I suppose when I start seeing plug-in, electric SUVs that cost the same as or better than those running on fossil fuels I'll believe it.


Hariolor said...

I love how people go ga-ga over electric cars because they are
"zero emissions" vehicles. Well, electricity comes from somewhere, now doesn't it? Until we have ample clean, cheap nuclear power *and* efficient, cheap electric vehicles, we're never going to see it happen. It might be possible to demonstrate that the per-Joule pollution "footprint" of an electric car is less than that of a conventional one. Then again, that might not be the case. And regardless of the net effect on pollution, who in their right mind thinks our already overworked power grid needs a few million electric cars sucking juice from it. Rolling brownouts in exchange for a quiet, less smoggy commute? Count me out.

Ben Wheat said...

You make an excellent point.

Ben Wheat said...

An answer (perhaps) to Hariolor's point: