Oh, now this just straight up raises my hackles. Chrysler is getting $4 billion in bailout aid from the federal government, and the first thing they do is buy a full-page newspaper ad that could have run them anywhere from $200-265K (per newspaper), thanking America for “investing” in their company. First of all, they’re thanking the wrong people. They should be expressing their gratitude to President Bush and Treasury Secretary Paulson, not the American people. If they wanted to thank us they’d give us our freaking money back. We’re not the ones who approved this bailout, in fact the vast majority of us opposed it. The ad comes across as disingenuous and patronizing, not least because it’s a waste of the very money they’re thanking us for. What a display of poor judgment from a company that already suffers from too much of it.


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This is exactly why we need to vote ALL of the bums out, and start over. Congress has repeatedly shown us they don't have the mental capacity to fix themselves, much less the country's problems. These car makers have lost grasp on reality by negotiating themselves into a corner with the unions, producing cars that people don't want, and now taking government funds, and spending them on ads that have no value and do not sell cars. Their whole marketing department should be fired at Chrysler.

I say, pull back the money, let them try to sink or swim, and focus on allowing business to do business without so much interference.

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amen, loudelf. words that could have been taken from mine own lips.