I’m really not the kind of person that wants nations that we liberate to lick our boots in gratitude (well, maybe just France), but I wonder if this guy stopped to consider where his right to hurl his shoes in protest came from? Or what sort of painful, torturous end he would have met had he done so, as a Shi’ite, under Saddam’s regime (and I find it strangely ironic that Saddam's lawyer is clamoring to defend him)? Just a thought.
As a side note, having watched the video of this bizarre episode going down, I have to say: George W Bush has the reflexes of a panther. Gerald Ford would have caught both shoes right in the beak.
I would have issued additional cool points if Bush had caught both shoes and nailed his assailant with them.

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Nelson Lee Walker of tenurecorrupts.com said...

(simply never reelect any congressman or senator)

The most common argument against Congressional Term Limits is that we would lose all that “valuable legislative experience” that is required to make a “good” Congress.

What a bunch of mularky! Almost one half of the Senate and two thirds of the House seats are being held by career politicians for far longer than standard term limits would allow, yet Congress has never had a worse record low 9% approval rating!

And that is not due to either Demos or Repubs. It is due to BOTH of them.

Does 9% approval sound like we have good Congress with good legislative experience?

Sounds to me that they only have experience in how to get reelected in spite of lousy performance.

They won’t allow a term limits bill. They won’t allow federal initiatives. They won’t allow a constitutional convention.

There is only ONE way, short of armed revolt, to throw the bums out. And that way is to...

NEVER REELECT THEM... even after only one term ! Simply NEVER REELECT.

That means we, all of us, have to stop voting by party, or special issue, or economic class, or whatever. We simply must NEVER REELECT. That means never allow anyone in Congress to serve more than ONE term.

We couldn’t do worse with a totally freshman Congress than with what we have today .

If we do this for three or four election cycles, we will change Congress forever, and for the better.

Nelson Lee Walker of tenurecorrupts.com