There was an outstanding article penned by Jim Burkee in the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel (of all places) that is among the first I’ve seen that really recognizes the rise of the young conservative movement for exactly what it is. You can read the piece here, and I’ll be making it a permanent fixture on the sidebar. Burkee’s analysis floored me with its precision; it felt as if he was talking specifically about the Children of the Revolution.

The heart and soul of his article is that Gen-Yers have been taken for granted politically by both parties. Democrats and liberals assume that our generation is tucked safely in their pocket. Republicans write us off as liberals with little if any grasp of fiscal policy. Burkee argues that our generation, weened on the ultimate expression of unfettered liberty, the Internet, is more libertarian than liberal. Indeed, our primary concern is freedom. Consistent freedom. And as yet, neither major political party is offering it. Gen-Yers tend to be more liberal on social issues, such as legalization of marijuana and gay marriage, but favor limited government, smaller taxes and conservative fiscal policy, such as the privatization of social security. We regard all politicians with suspicion.

The first party to recognize our generation for what it is and approach us on our terms stands to seize the political high ground. But both have a long way to go if they intend to do so.


Chris Berry said...


I wish the politicians would wake up and realize that it's not just the younger generation who share these beliefs. I'm old enough to be your father, and there are plenty of people my age whose values mirror yours.

James said...

Wonderful blog... I have added you to my blogroll!

This current trend in politics scares me to death.