My fellow Ohioans – those, at least, that are not already too jaded by the system. I think, while it is clear we all have varying perspectives on this so named “Bailout” currently winding it’s way through congress, there is a general consensus in this academy is that the path of socialism is not one we’d like Big Brother blindly leading us down.

While I enjoy expounding here as much as the rest of us, I invite you to opine with me to a new forum: Congress.

Ask these fine statesmen, compelled by their duties so outlined in our constitution, to carry your words to Capitol Hill:

Senator George Voinovich
US Senator for the State of Ohio

Congressman Patrick Tiberi
Representative for Ohio’s 12th District

Ben, you may be a little far south putting you in the 15th District… why don’t you give a ring to…

Congresswoman Deborah Pryce
Representative for Ohio’s 15th District

For those manning our Cincinnati office, I believe you will wish to speak with…

Congresswoman Jeannette Marie Hoffman Schmidt
Representative for Ohio’s 2nd District

Perhaps your voice will be heard. Perhaps a delicate pink “While you were out” memo generated by your call will make its way to Washington. Perhaps not. You could do nothing and just let things play out, but I don’t think a phone call is all that much to ask. Tell your kids you did your part in staving off the socialist revolution.

Good luck comrades… may your lines not be busy.

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Tony Cannizzaro said...

I take back my last comment. I hope the lines are busy. Busy with calls of rightous indignation.